Friday, April 15, 2011

The War you see: wag the dog

"Truth is the first casualty of war" (Aeschylus, Greek Tragic Dramatist, 525 BC-456 BC) . It's as old as history. 
Who remembers the pictures of the fake mass grave in Rumania that everybody broadcast in 1989?
This was one of the many horror stories published by media and that's similar to other fake events such the Iraqi incubatores and the non-existent mass graves in Kosovo
Something like that seems to have happened in Libya. I am talking about the burial site discovered in Tripoli by the supporters of It's the "Timisoara syndrome".
It's highly probable that, rather than "mass grave", those are one of many "collective burials" of african migrants whose boats capsize frequently near the Libyan coast and whose bodies are then carried by the tide on the beach. What we can seen clearly from the video of the "mass graves" is that they're not "common". Those seems to be single-hole, dug out calmly and even with some care. Media and newspapers speak of "makeshift cemetery"on the beach. Cemetery certainly, but actually not improvised.
It is propably a cemetery at Sidi Hamed, who is close to the beach near the residential district of Gargaresh in Tripoli.
There are too conflicting reports on the number of killed, airstrikes by Gaddafi forces, the number of cities controlled by the opposition - about literally everything
In brief, the entire Western narrative is misleading people again. 

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