Friday, April 29, 2011

Generation 2.0: List of Demands by March 15 in Dar'a, Syria

This statement was originally issued in Arabic by Dir'a's Youth of March 15. The English translation was made available by The Angry Arab News Service.]

Leadership of the Glorious Revolution of the Youth of 15 March, Diraa – Syria

To the Syrian people; to the descendants of Salih al-Ali, Sultan Pasha al-Atrash, Ibrahim Hananou; to all the free people of Syria in all the provinces of Syria; to all the sons of the proud Arab tribes; to the Kurdish brothers; and to all the sects and nationalities with whom we share life on the land of this nation.

We promise you to continue our revolution until this criminal regime which kills its sons in cold blood is brought down. We hope all the brothers will come out tomorrow God willing in million-person demonstrations and announce civil disobedience and refusal to go to work centers and to join your brethren in this glorious revolution and to support your brethren in the province of Diraa, Latakia, Homs, az-Zabdani, Douma, Daria, al-Kiswa, Damascus, at-Tal, and the rest of the provinces revolting until the regime is brought down and the goals of the revolution are achieved which are:

· Bringing the regime down
· Cancellation of the emergency law
· Permission to form parties
· Dissolving the parliament and the government
· Revise the constitution to be consistent with democracy and civil rule
· Define the presidential term and the number of terms
· Immediate presidential and parliamentary elections
· Raise salaries and set a minimum wage
· Find immediate work opportunities
· Get rid of corruption and bribes and deliver up corrupt individuals for trial
· Clean judiciary and accountability for corrupt judges
· Lowering taxes and fees
· Getting rid of the pre-planned sectarianism in the circles of authority
· The mission of the Army and Armed forces is to protect the borders of the nation and not to repress citizens
· Deliver up for trial all of those who participated in killing or ordering the opening of fire on demonstrators in the 15 March revolution
· Freeing the prisoners of conscience and political prisoners and everyone arrested in the peaceful demonstrations
· Return of the displaced to Syria
· Freedom of opinion and expression and to establish forums
· Freedom of the press and the Internet
· Right of citizenship to everyone
· Distribution of returns from oil and communications to the people equally
· Permitting judicial authority to be completely independent

Our demands are complete and not open to division or procrastination…We won’t wait for promises or delays in their implementation…We won’t be satisfied with the application of a part of them while another part is studied and ignored…We will continue to rise up until we have extracted our freedoms with our own hands…Our revolution is peaceful…Our people are one…One nation..

If you cannot go out, stage a sit in at home and don’t go to work.

We say the Fatiha [opening chapter of the Qur’an] on the souls of the martyrs.

We rely on God Almighty.

Diraa - Syria

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